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What is your approach to treatment?

My approach to psychotherapy is strongly rooted in contemporary psychoanalytic thinking and practice. For more details, see 'psychotherapy approach' section.

Will I or my child have to lie on a couch?

No. The couch is one part of Freud’s legacy which has no place in my approach to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, other than as a child’s vehicle for a ride to an enchanted forest, or for a game of Hide and Seek. However, when feeling relaxed, some individuals do choose to recline while talking face to face. Adults can choose to sit on the couch or in a comfortable chair.

Can I claim your fee though OHIP?

Fees for my psychotherapy sessions cannot be claimed through OHIP. Some private extended care insurance plans will cover some or all of my fees. I provide clients with a letter for their insurers which describes my training and experience.

Do you include meetings with parents in your treatment of children?

The importance of the collaboration between parents and myself cannot be overemphasized. Regular meetings with parents is a crucial part of the treatment process. The frequency of these meetings will depend on the age of the child and the severity of the presenting problem.

What can I expect when I call your office?

When you call, we have an opportunity to discuss your concerns, and whether I may be able to help. In our initial phone contact you will be provided with information about my fee and availability, and answers to any other questions you may have. If you decide you would like to make an appointment to meet, we will arrange a mutually agreeable time for an initial consultation.